Monday, 30 April 2012

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Last week I launched a new website for a client 'OUT + ABOUT' which represents MINKPINK, Evil Twin, Bitching and Junkfood and Fairground among others. The website is blog focused and will feed news about music, fashion, arts and culture, as well as promoting the brands. Thanks to All That Good Stuff for the build.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


I ran NINE miles today! My friend Rhalou, an ultra marathon runner, member of Run Dem Crew and writer for Women's Runner Magazine (aka pretty hardcore) invited me for a run with her today along with some of her RDC friends who are all training for the Edinburgh Marathon.

I was a little worried I'd slow them down, but as they were going 18 miles they took it slow and I was surprised I could keep up - we jogged along the sunny canal, then they dropped me off before they went on to run another 9 miles. The rest of my Saturday has consisted of sleep, pain, eating and hot bubble baths. And telling everyone 'I ran NINE MILES!'.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Bitching and Junkfood is a brand I have got to know a lot better recently as we represent them at OUT + ABOUT and they collaborate with Underground Shoes. Run by friends Marion and Kath from their London Fields studio, they create everything from feather headdresses to heavily studded shorts.

Their most recent collection is incredible, as the lookbook below shows. I am definitely going to snap up the illuminati eye pieces and the leopard shirt. If my marathon training makes some dramatic improvements I might also be tempted by the shorts. Good choice of footwear in this too.


I cannot believe I had never seen this film before! In a failed mission to watch Waynes World me and my friends ended up watching 'Coming to America'. I spent the whole film slack jawed in amazement at the outfits. African Royalty and New York 80s street style is my new inspiration. SO GOOD!

Thursday, 12 April 2012


I'm running a half marathon! I decided to get fit and signed up for the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October to motivate myself - and I've also started seeing a personal trainer to help get me into shape. So far she's banned me from pizza and made me do so many squats/lunges that I can barely walk today. Not fun.

Anyway if anyone other than my mum is reading this blog, please sponsor me (thanks again mum). I may document my progress on here, or take it elsewhere, or just do the whole sorry process in private (probably the latter).

The lovely views I see when I run. I love you Victoria Park!


I am now working with the amazing Underground Shoes. If you don't know about Underground, they are world famous for their 'creeper' style shoes and have an incredible reputation in the fashion world - undertaking collaborations with all sorts of fashion labels such as Mugler, Sibling and Cassette Playa.

At the moment I'm helping work on the website and shop launch (more on that soon) plus lots of other secret stuff. Being surrounded by shoes all day aint bad either.


Next week we're hosting a Sample Sale for the brands I work with; MINKPINK, Evil Twin and Staple. Prices as low as £5 and there will be lots of lovely stuff! It runs Thursday and Friday 10am - 7pm. See Facebook event for directions and full details.

From April 12, 2012