Sunday, 6 March 2011

Danielle Scutt for Topshop

This collection is so amazing! Scutt launched the line with Topshop at London Fashion Week last month and it's inspired by the current economic crisis. Scutt says of the collection: 'In times of economic crisis, the two luxury items which flourish in the women's sector are lipstick and jewellery, with that in mind, the collection plays with themes of luxury, feminism and surrealism.'

She also cites influences for the collection as Prévost's Manon Lescaut, Ray Petri's "buffalo" style, Frida Kahlo's feminist imagery and art collector Peggy Guggenheim - who used to ask her favourite sculptors to make miniatures of their work so she could wear as jewellery. It reminds me of high octane 90s glamour - love love love! The range will be available online from April 1st.

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