Monday, 25 October 2010

Uno One Print

Uno One Print is a Bristol based screenprinting business run by my best friend Christian - a T shirt making machine, sneaker fiend, DJ, boyfriend to my best friend Daisy and father to the cutest child alive, Milly.

I did PR for the launch and set up of Uno One Print and the company has been hugely successful. Christian has printed out some amazing tees for mainly streetwear and music clients including Bake Designs, Blk Mlk, Donuts, Daddison and DJ Die.

If you need something printing he is your man!

Here are some of the tees he's printed recently:

Thirty5Million By Zoom

Fifty Fifty X Richt Doom Tee

Yokio Clothing

All That Good Stuff Tee by Daddison

Bake Designs

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