Monday, 25 October 2010

The Gold Mine

My friends Louisa and Joh of Shop Dutty launched a pop up vintage shop this summer, called 'The Gold Mine' - an amazing treasure trove of beautiful dresses, sparkly jackets, 80s gold jewellery, print scarves and colourful leggings.

I did some PR for the store and managed to get a huge amount of great press from sites such as The Daily Street, Discoteque Confusion and even The Topshop blog.

The launch was very fun - as it was Louisa's birthday lots of free wine was consumed! I've bought some great pieces from there - particularly love a vintage fuschia silk shirt and 80s black leather handbag. The Gold Mine is only open until Christmas so make sure you have a look before it closes.

The Shop

Joh and Louisa

Us getting drunk!

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