Friday, 29 October 2010

Dam Funk - Adolescent Funk

Dam Funk's new album 'Adolescent Funk' was released today. A 14-track album recorded between 1988 and 1992 - Dam asked Peanut Butter Wolf to go through all his old recordings and produce an album. Look at that album cover too! Get it on Stones Throw.

'I Like Your Big Azz (Girl)'


The original of this is pretty special too!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Halloween Inspiration...

This is so good! Gonna try and persuade my girlfriends to go as skate witches for Halloween so we can push the boys over. YouTube Gold...

Jay Z - Decoded

I cannot wait to get my hands on this book!!!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Having a Destiny's Child Day...

We all need one sometimes! I kind of miss the day's when Bey was styled by her mum...

Me & Zena

I want all of these! So jazzy! You can buy them at their online shop or at Lazy Oaf.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Been listening to alot of Original Flava recently...

Check this live version too - amazing. And Jay looks almost nervous, before he got swagger and took over the world!


Wow - the next poster for Ghettosheric - this time at Cosies with Gus from Laminate Radio before he sails off on a mega trip. That is our bespectacled crew at the bottom, hilarious. Well done Vix!

Marawa the Amazing.

The reason me and Nai have bought glittery hula hoops - Marawa the Amazing. Not only does she have a glittery wardrobe of super jazzy clothes I would give my right arm for - she can hula hoop with up to 70 hoops. I am so jealous!

James Blake - Limit to Your Love


Uno One Print

Uno One Print is a Bristol based screenprinting business run by my best friend Christian - a T shirt making machine, sneaker fiend, DJ, boyfriend to my best friend Daisy and father to the cutest child alive, Milly.

I did PR for the launch and set up of Uno One Print and the company has been hugely successful. Christian has printed out some amazing tees for mainly streetwear and music clients including Bake Designs, Blk Mlk, Donuts, Daddison and DJ Die.

If you need something printing he is your man!

Here are some of the tees he's printed recently:

Thirty5Million By Zoom

Fifty Fifty X Richt Doom Tee

Yokio Clothing

All That Good Stuff Tee by Daddison

Bake Designs

DC Shoes Project

I recently worked on a PR campaign for an online clothing store collaboration with DC Shoes. To promote the colllaboration I commisioned skate filmmaker Tim Crawley of TCTV to make a promo video for the collaboration featuring DC rider Dave Snaddon. He produced an amazing edit - Tim is a great filmmaker who is going to be big I'm sure.

I also organised a party with DC at Start the Bus with a screening of the video and music from dBride, Blue Daisy and Fantastic Mr Fox. Overwhelmingly there were queues down the road! Was an amazing project and really great to work with the DC Team who were lots of fun.

The screening & Ed from Amecca Records

Blue Daisy

Ed from DC and myself


Thank you Dionne aka Puckoo Couture for my new jazzy leggings!

The Gold Mine

My friends Louisa and Joh of Shop Dutty launched a pop up vintage shop this summer, called 'The Gold Mine' - an amazing treasure trove of beautiful dresses, sparkly jackets, 80s gold jewellery, print scarves and colourful leggings.

I did some PR for the store and managed to get a huge amount of great press from sites such as The Daily Street, Discoteque Confusion and even The Topshop blog.

The launch was very fun - as it was Louisa's birthday lots of free wine was consumed! I've bought some great pieces from there - particularly love a vintage fuschia silk shirt and 80s black leather handbag. The Gold Mine is only open until Christmas so make sure you have a look before it closes.

The Shop

Joh and Louisa

Us getting drunk!

MF Doom

Last week MF Doom came to Bristol. Doom is an artist that I've always loved - especially the albums MM Food, Madvilliany and Vaudeville Villain. The show was good and it was great to finally see him but I don't think he's the best live artist. Still the place was rammed and it's really nice to see hip hops still alive for people in Bristol.

Anyway the reason for this post is just so I can put up a couple of my favourite songs of his. He opened with Accordian which I loved as it's such a great song - so soft and mellow.

My all time best is 'Let Me Watch' - I love it as it's so rare to get a portrayal of love in hip hop which has a strong female character. I love that the love story falls apart and then becomes about the girl and what she's going through. Apani B is amazing and it's a shame she didn't do more.

New bike!

Tomorrow I get a new jazzy bike delivered. I am obsessed with vintage and 80s style bikes and can spend hours on eBay drooling over wheels. This time I was torn between two bikes.

The first one - AMAZING! The colour is so good - pale pink fading into white. It's so 80s! Imagine whizzing around town in this beauty! Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be as the meanie seller wouldn't post it to me. My heart broke as I watched it go for a mere £10.50 to some lucky buyer.

The one I bought is still amazing - a vintage Raleigh (not sure what model this is) perfectly restored in an amazing bright purple. I'm going to buy a basket and maybe some tassels to jazz her up!


My new blog, here's a taster of what's to come: